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Durable and Beautiful Waterproof Flooring in New Haven, CT

waterproof vinyl flooring

Life happens, especially in busy households and bustling business. From spilled drinks and dripping shoes to leaking appliances and inclement weather, there are a lot of ways your floor can get wet. Fortunately, there is flooring that can keep up with your busy lifestyle. Choose waterproof flooring in New Haven, CT.

Prevent water damage and stains from diminishing the beauty and value of your property and shop at Unger’s Flooring America. We offer a vast selection of waterproof carpet, laminate, vinyl, and more. With our expansive catalog, customer-oriented approach to service, and professional installation, remodeling your home or business is a simple and seamless experience.

Our location is proud to be a premier source for waterproof flooring in the area. With our immense inventory featuring flooring from some of the country’s most recognizable manufacturers, you are sure to find a surface that meets the needs of your daily life, while also complementing your stylistic preferences. Visit our flooring showroom to explore products from trusted brands, like Tigressa and Downs.

Your Flooring Resource

Not sure where to start? There is no need to worry. Our helpful and courteous staff can help find what you want. Our team members are always happy to give you in-depth information regarding our catalog of flooring products and we can make recommendations tailored to your specific project. Whether you are re-flooring a single room or your entire property, we’ll work with you to coordinate a successful project.

Our staff is also a great resource for learning more about waterproof flooring and its many benefits. Stop by our showroom today to start looking for the perfect floor for your home or business.

Waterproof Flooring is For Everyday Life 

Strengthen your interior and invest in waterproof flooring. By choosing this flooring category, you are taking smart steps towards improving the beauty, and resiliency, of your property. After all, a simple fact of the matter is that all flooring surfaces will encounter mess every so often. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a flooring material that can keep up with your everyday life. Waterproof flooring, in its many forms, is the right choice for your remodeling project.

This flooring type is well-known for its ease of maintenance. Many waterproof floors are non-porous and have hard surfaces, which repels most liquids, dirt, and dust. Accidents and spills clean up easily, allowing you to save time and energy. Since waterproof flooring is simple to clean, it is the flooring type of choice for active households, as well as families with pets or small children.

Simplify Your Life with Waterproof Vinyl Surfaces

Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying life by installing a waterproof vinyl surface in your home or business. With waterproof luxury vinyl flooring, spills and stains are easy to wipe away and concerns about water damage to your flooring are a thing of the past. Furthermore, these floors are very easy to maintain, so they look great many years after installation.

Homeowners and business owners alike love this flooring because it offers them a diverse array of style options. No matter if you prefer the classic look of hardwood or the elegant appearance of tile, there is a vinyl product for you. There are also a wide range of contemporary patterns and bold colors to choose from.

Vinyl is one of the most versatile flooring materials on the market, so it can be used to achieve nearly any kind of interior design aesthetic. Discover the ideal waterproof vinyl flooring product for your project by browsing our inventory and talking to our sales associates.

Waterproof Laminate Flooring: Simple and Seamless

Property owners seeking more value from their investment can count on waterproof laminate flooring. Laminate has earned a reputation for being a resilient flooring option. Its solid surface, durable construction, and pleasant underfoot feeling make it a smart choice for common rooms and areas that encounter a lot of foot traffic, like the kitchen.

Laminate is available as planks, and even in the appearance of hardwood. It also installs quickly. When you choose laminate flooring, you can expect to enjoy your investment according to your schedule. By striking a good balance between appearance and performance, waterproof laminate flooring is a great choice for homes.

Meld Comfort and Protection by Choosing Waterproof Carpeting

“Waterproof” and “carpet” may not sound like they should go together, but thanks to modern advancements in manufacturing, carpet is now more resistant to moisture damage than ever before. Our collection of waterproof carpet products are made with a special backing that lends the surface an addition level of protection against water damage. Furthermore, the fibers are specially designed to be highly stain resistant, stopping spills from setting in and ruining your carpet.

There is no need to compromise on comfort on protection. With these innovative carpets, you can have both in your home or business. Explore our showroom to feel the plush textures of our carpets and learn more about their moisture resistant properties. We look forward to helping you make your space a better place to be.

Waterproof Flooring Installation You Can Trust

At our showroom, you have the materials and resources you need to find your favorite product and move on with your project. When properly installed, your new flooring will look great and last for years. Our showroom is dedicated to ensuring you attain picture-perfect results. To that end, we can coordinate waterproof flooring installation services for you.

Our team works diligently to ensure your new flooring is placed precisely how you want it. In turn, you will improve the beauty and strength of your property. Whether you project involves a single room or your entire interior, we’re with you at every step of your re-flooring project.


Contact us to request a consultation for waterproof flooring. Our showroom proudly serves property owners throughout New Haven, CT, including East Haven, Branford, North Haven, Hamden, and the surrounding communities. 

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