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Resilient Flooring in New Haven, CT

It can be challenging for homeowners with pets to maintain the appearances of their homes, particularly when it comes to choosing flooring. Our store has now made it convenient and affordable to find resilient flooring that more than meets the challenges of fending off scratches, stains, and other side effects of household pets. Your pet friendly flooring search is over, thanks to the knowledgeable team of experts at our flooring store.

We help you find the perfect easy care flooring options for your home from an impressive selection of attractive and affordable possibilities. These flooring options are sure work well, look great, and remain stylish in your home even as they withstand any pet-related incidents.

Attractive Easy Care Flooring Options

Investing in new flooring for your home is an important and exciting consideration. Many homeowners with pets assume they must pick industrial, unattractive floors, which is definitely not the case anymore. Thanks to improved technology and manufacturing practices, there are a number of easy care flooring options, including tile, sealed flooring, and stain-resistant carpets, available to you that are both practical and stunning.

New Pet Friendly Flooring Is Worry Free

You no longer have to let the threat of scratches and stains keep you from picking out the beautiful flooring options you really want in your home. You’ll never have to sacrifice attractiveness for durability again, thanks to our exclusive selection of flooring options. While it is true that even the best-mannered dogs and cats can still cause wear and tear to your floor, our pet-friendly flooring options can deflect these cosmetic problems with ease. When style and durability work together, your entire household wins!

Not All Flooring Options Work with Pets

While the number of pet friendly flooring options has increased over the years, there are still a few choices you should avoid if you are a pet owner. Unsealed hardwood flooring is a very attractive flooring option, however, it is prone to staining, scratching, and warping in homes. Additionally, regular carpeting isn’t equipped to handle all of the dander, dirt, and stains that can be generated by pets, which can lead to unwanted discoloration and odors.

There is good news if you are a fan of one of these flooring styles, however. Our flooring company carries a variety of beautiful, pet-friendly alternatives to these more delicate flooring options. From sealed flooring to stain resistant carpet, our team works hard to deliver the look and feel you want for your home without any of the risks of damage risks.

Contact the friendly team at our flooring company when you are looking for the perfect easy-care and resilient flooring options for your home or business. Our team is ready to help customers in New Haven, East Haven, Branford, North Haven, Hamden, Milford, and the Greater New Haven County area of Connecticut.

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