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Luxury Vinyl Tile in New Haven, CT

Luxury Vinyl Tile New Haven CT

Keep the flooring in your home looking as brilliant and beautiful as the day it was installed. With the heavy traffic that comes from having a house full of kids and pets, it can be difficult to ensure clean floors. . Now homeowners have a new and resilient flooring option available to them with the luxury vinyl tile we offer each and every day at our store.

Having a family sometimes means you must sacrifice the style you want for the durability you need. Many high-end flooring options don’t have the scratch resistance needed to maintain the stunning look that homeowners long for. With the timeless elegance and ease of maintenance afforded by our selection of luxury vinyl floor tile, it’s easy to see why this is becoming one of our most popular options for families.

Clean and Comfortable Luxury Vinyl Floor Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile, known as LVT, is the perfect flooring option for homes with heavy amounts of foot traffic. Our luxury vinyl tile is not only extremely durable and resilient, it is also simple to clean and maintain. With your busy lifestyle, you don’t have time to constantly worry about the look and feel of your flooring. Stop spending your days scrubbing away at scratches and smudges, and start enjoying the timeless beauty of the flooring in your home.

Original and Innovative Luxury Plank Flooring

Get creative when you want new floors in your home. There is no limit to your creativity when it comes to the broad array of design options and colors of luxury plank flooring. Choose any style that fits the overall feel of the room you are designing. When you sit down for one of our professional design consultations, we can help you find the right texture and finish to match the feel of your home. Our flooring design expert work directly with you to find a personalized option that best fits the idea you have for your new flooring. We are with you every step of the way with the professional installation team that gets the job done right as well.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Installation to Enhance the Value of Your Home

When you purchase any flooring, you need an experienced team of installation specialist to ensure your flooring can stand the test of time. If the flooring is installed improperly, you could face issues down the road that are completely avoidable. We can provide a trusted team for any luxury vinyl tile installation project you have planned. This ensures you get flooring that looks great and lasts.

Resilient Flooring with an Impact

Great flooring in any room can become a foundation for timeless elegance and durable style. Each and every day, the floors in your home will dazzle your guests and set the standard for your entire neighborhood. The ease of maintenance and durability of our resilient flooring is tough for any store to beat.


Contact us today to schedule a design consultation that can help you find the best color and finish for your new luxury vinyl tile. We proudly serve homeowners in New Haven, Connecticut and surrounding areas.

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